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14 Jun
Macintoshes and Dwarves (fwd)

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Subject: Macintoshes and Dwarves (fwd)

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Dear Doctor Science,
    Do you like to use a Macintosh?
Have you ever licked the foot of a dwarf?
		- Carl Houde, Portland, ME

Ah, youth! When I was your age, I, too, squander my mental powers wondering
about the most outlandish things. My favorite scenario involved the Chinese
Communists breaking into our school and tying me face-to-face with Shirley
Farnsworth, the brunette beauty who sat across the aisle from me in Civics.
Oh, the tortures those dreaded Commies put us through, but we survived them,
Shirley and I. Last thing I heard, she married a chiropractor and lives
somewhere in Montana, ruing the day she let this future scientist go. Not
that we had a relationship other than the one that existed in my head, of
course.  Shirley, if you're listening on radio or watching your computer
screen, well, I still think of you. And, Matt, thanks for writing. Hope I
answered your question.

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