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14 Jun
WhiteBoardness - 6/10/98

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Wednesday, June 10, 1998

London, England:

A duck that cannot swim has become an honorary flight lieutenant at a
British air force station and been outfitted with a life jacket.

The June edition of the Ministry of Defense's house journal reports that
Jemima was found by airmen in the emergency water supply lagoon at the Royal
Air Force's Marham base in eastern England.

Suffering from a deficiency of oil in her feathers, she was paddling
furiously in an attempt to keep afloat.

The Aylesbury duck, which has now become a station mascot, is pictured
wearing a bright red inflatable life jacket, designed to ensure she keeps
her head above water.

Albemarle, North Carolina:

With her skintight black pants, leather jacket and Harley-Davidson tattoo,
Katie Boyett was the favorite to win the title of Biker Babe '98.

Mrs. Boyett also is 93. She won hands down.

The contest Saturday was part of nursing home Stanly Manor's 10th
anniversary party, an annual event at the home that this year attracted a
number of motorcycle fans.

Residents pushed aside their wheelchairs and climbed into Harley sidecars.
Some wore black vests with chains and buttons that read "Born to Ride."

Everyone at the party credited the Stanly Manor staff for getting the whole
biker idea going - by accident. A field trip for residents to Myrtle Beach,
S.C., last year just happened to be the same weekend that 2,000 Harley
Davidson owners were in town.

Instead of fretting, residents flagged down the bikers, had their pictures
taken with them and even climbed on their bikes. Afterward, the staff
promised to follow up with a biker rally.

As of Saturday the nursing home had raised $940 toward the Second Annual
Stanly Manor Beach Trip.

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