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14 Jun
Adios, Adieu, Arrivederci, . . . Oh, and before we go. . .

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[Every once in a while does a Top Five List really get to me.  This
 one did.  Does it reveal the reason why?  -psl]

              --==  Windows Sources presents  ==--
       T  H  E     T  O  P     F  I  V  E     L  I  S  T
                   "We'll always have Paris."

                        NOTE FROM CHRIS:
   Today's list marks the passing of an era in Top5 history.

         Our contract with Windows Sources magazine
         as our corporate sponsor has expired, and
        we'll be going our separate ways after today.

      We'd like to thank WS and Ziff-Davis for everything
    they've done for (and to) us, and we wish them the best.
Special thanks to Jim Louderback, Jackie Gavron, David Berlind,
  and Edward Grossman (the last in a long line of webmasters).


                         June 12, 1998

          The Top 16 Topics Windows Sources Prevented
             Us from Using Over the Last Two Years

[ This list copyright 1998 by Chris White and Ziff Davis, Inc. ]
[ The Top Five List ]
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16> Things Bodily Orifices Not Located Directly Under the Nose
    Would Say If They Could Talk

15> Signs You've Got the Wrong Operating System

14> Words That Rhyme With "Duck"

13> Unethical Practices of Ziff-Davis Executives (parts I, II,
    III, IV and V)

12> Rejected Proctology Jokes from "Who's The Boss" Scripts

11> Reasons Computer Magazines Make Great Fronts for Money

10> Windows Sources Advertisers Whose Products Suck

 9> Sexual Fantasies of Bill Gates

 8> Ways to Sue the Living Crap out of Windows Sources and Win

 7> Incriminating Things We Know About That Coward, John Gotti

 6> Rap Weenies Who Couldn't Find Us If They Tried

 5> Uses For A Baby Seal Carcass

 4> Reasons Why Windows Sources was Foolish to Pay Chris White
    for Two Years for Joke Lists He Didn't Even Write

 3> Tricks Played on Mr. Ziff By Mr. Davis

 2> Cool Ways to Make Little Kids Cry

    and Top5's Number 1 Topic Windows Sources Prevented
        Us from Using Over the Last Two Years...

 1> Signs You're a Pathetic Geek Who Spends Too Much Money
    on Computer Magazines

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