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20 Jun
The Comedian's-eye View of June 22, 1998

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of  June 22, 1998

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Excerpted-from: ShopTalk -- June 22, 1998

                         Monday June 22, 1998

     "In what is being hailed as a victory for 11th graders standing
      next to dumpsters behind Seven Elevens across America,
      Republican Senators killed a tobacco bill that would have
      regulated nicotine and discouraged teen smoking."

				- Craig Kilborn on "The Daily Show"


Save the Sea: President Clinton announced the extension of a ban against
offshore drilling in an effort to protect the ocean.  "Clinton wrapped up
the announcement on an important note, reminding everyone that, without the
ocean, there would be no 'Baywatch.'" (Mark Efman)

The Pain Channel: "In light of the thousands watching a live birth on the
Internet, anesthesiologists at a Northridge hospital have rescinded their
cash-in-advance policy in favor of pay-per-view." (Werner S. Haas)

Daddy Dearest: "A woman gave birth on the Internet.  They had a hookup and
a commentator.  And if that wasn't sensational enough- as the doctor handed
the baby to the proud papa, Jerry Springer appeared and brought out the real
father." (Bill Maher)

Slow Burn: "In Boulder City, Nev., the Gold Strike casino was destroyed by
fire.  Firefighters said they could have put the fire out sooner, but all
the available water had already been used in the free drinks." (Jay Leno)

Disasters: Tornadoes, brush fires, flooding, and draught bombarded the US
this month from coast to coast.  "It's becoming a political issue.  This
week, Al Gore called for less violence on the Weather Channel." (Argus

Ripe Ones: "American Film Institute voters included actors, producers,
directors and even Bill Clinton.  Everyone voted for the movie that, for
them, captured what life is all about.  Clinton's choice was 'Attack of the
Killer Tomatoes.'" (Hamilton)

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