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25 Jun
Excerpted: ShopTalk -- June 24, 1998

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Jackie Collins unveiled her new gossip/talk show Monday and, according to
the NY Daily News, it was a little better than expected.  Without a live
audience, "Jackie Collins' Hollywood" has the luxury of editing interviews,
allowing viewers to see a sincere side of celebrities.  Monday's program
included such topics as Tracey Ullman's loss of her dad and Tony Danza's
newfound sense of mortality.  (NY Daily News)

Doubts raised following the controversial CNN-Time magazine report that the
US military used nerve gas during the Vietnam War have caused Time to launch
a formal investigation into the accuracy of the report.  The story, which
surfaced in the magazine, and subsequently in a CNN special, two weeks ago,
alleged that the US used a deadly nerve gas to kill American defectors.
"We believed that the initial CNN report and article were based on
substantial evidence," Time managing editor Walter Isaacson wrote in a
letter to readers this week.  "But we feel that the doubts raised deserve
full exploration. So we plan to keep reporting this story." A CNN spokesman
reported Monday that the network will continue to look into the validity of
the report. (NY Daily News)

Fish Tales: Daniel Wyman, apparently trying for the year's Stupid Award,
dropped explosives into an Illinois lake to kill fish.  The wind pushed his
boat over the charge as it exploded, killing him.  Elsewhere, a lawyer fell
overboard from a cruise ship and was last seen circling a school of
frightened sharks. (LaLa Land Letter)

Foot in Mouth: The New York Post says Sen. John McCain of Arizona has
apologized for making a joke about Chelsea Clinton being the child of Janet
Reno and Hillary Clinton.  "Washington is up in arms.  The joke was
distasteful, obnoxious... and so old." (Albert Perrotta)

Chuck Yuk: "We've just had the first day of summer, which makes me wonder:
Does Charlton Heston sweat bullets?" (Perrotta)

Capital X: The "X-Files" movie was just released, starring David Duchovny
and Gillian Anderson, who uncover a parallel world of lies and deceit in
which nothing is the way it seems. "It was filmed on location, in Washington
DC." (Argus Hamilton)

St. Viagra: A New York man has purchased $1 million worth of Viagra and
plans to donate it to the poor.  "It may not be as good as giving them a
job," says the Wall Street financial whiz who donated the money, "but it
should take their minds off being poor for a while." (Ira Lawson)

The Good Book: Catholic bishops have called for an end to the appearance of
sex and violence in the movies.  "That could be the end of films based on
the Bible." (LaLa Land Letter)

Shoe-Fly Lie: The producers of "Riverdance" have admitted that the sounds
of the dancers' taps are pre-recorded.  "I knew it.  Nobody could be that
annoying without help." (Rudolph J. Cecera)

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