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14 Jul
Somebody got let out without adult supervision.

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Now you know why Word files are so large...

Macintouch, 26 June 1998:

After an earlier investigation showed no "smoking gun," we have just
confirmed a very serious security problem with Microsoft Word 98: Word 98
documents may contain hidden, random snippets of data from elsewhere in your
hard disk or memory. That is, Word 98 documents can include, hidden from
view, data completely unrelated to the document and never inserted by the
user.  Sending a Word 98 document to someone else thus could reveal random
private information on your computer system without your knowledge.  We
opened with BBEdit several Word 98 documents we'd created and documents we'd
received. They contained confidential email snippets, disk directory paths
and other random information that was invisible within Word 98 and that
never should have been in these files. (A possible emergency workaround is
to distribute Word files only in RTF format.)

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