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22 Jul
How common is Rodan in Colorado?

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: How common is Rodan in Colorado?

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[Someone was trying to ask how common Radon is on Colorado, when things
got out of hand.]

>From: hamelk@rintintin.Colorado.EDU (Ken Hamel)
>Subject: Re: how common is Rodan in Colorado?

The larger question is: How common is Godzilla in Colorado? What are the
chances that prehistoric reptiles from below the sea will rise up and
trample Denver? Can I get insurance to protect myself from this threat?

>From: (Alek O. Komarnitsky)
>Subject: Re: how common is Rodan in Colorado?

Actually, it's extremely probable this year ... since the Snow Pack is
200% of normal, and we may have flooding in Boulder Creek this year.  But
it's questionable if Godzilla will make an appearance, since I recall that
he usually starts out in the South Pacific after a Nuke test.  So maybe
we *will* see Rodan?!?


>From: (Bill Boyer)
>Subject: Re: how common is Rodan in Colorado?

Also you can get little "Rodan" detectors at most hardware stores.  They
cost about $10-20 and a small indicator will show a red plus sign if
"Rodan" gets within 50 miles of your house.   Wait a sec, I think I'm
confused.  This tester is only good if "Rodan" is pregnant....never mind.

smart alek

>From: (Randy Hinds)
>Subject: Re: how common is Rodan in Colorado?

If you don't want to spend that kind of money, you can go to many of the
stores (Safeway, K-mart, Target) and get the 'Rodan Repellant'.  Simply
spray around your house once a week and you're set.

>From: (131AA0000-RogersC(DR8926)273)
>Subject: Re: how common is Rodan in Colorado?

This is a rip-off scam perpetrated by conscienceless con-artists!  Don't
buy this stuff.  I *know* it's 1/10th the price of "Rodan-B-Gon(tm)", but
it doesn't work, and you'll just end up wishing you'd purchased the real
thing.  I tried the cheap imitation stuff last Sunday, and I came home
Monday evening to find my house completely flattened, and Rodan poop all
over the back yard.  Why, oh why didn't I stick with a proven product!?!

Forwarned is forarmed!

>From: (John Sloan)
>Subject: Re: how common is Rodan in Colorado?

I have some Mothra Balls, if anyone is interested. You'll need a pickup
truck, though. These are easily available from any monster vet clinic in
Tokyo. Remember: have your giant Japanese monsters neutered; stop the
senseless reproduction of giant Japanese monsters!

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