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17 Aug
Microsoft Innovation

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Subject: Microsoft Innovation

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[No, this is not an article on oxymorons, even though the title would be  
perfect...  -psl]

From: Ken Alexander <>

 "This is why we must be free to innovate without government interference",
 said Bill Gates, "just like how we came up with DOS before CP/M, windowing
 GUIs before Apple and Xerox, Word before Wordstar, Excel before Lotus,
 and NT before VMS and UNIX.  We also invented computer languages when we
 made MS BASIC and created the Internet when we devised the idea for MSN.
 And... hey, where'd my pen go?  Where's my pen?  Someone innovated my pen!!"

Ok, so I just made that quote up.  But unfortunately I didn't make up
this shameless piece of revisionism:
"Microsoft Says Internet Browser Idea Arose Long Before Netscape"

They appear to be exploiting the web-vs-internet confusion.
But as NeedToKnow ( points out, even a timeline on MSNBC
contradicts their claims.

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