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19 Aug
Shifting Standards: Lewinsky Vs. Iran-Contra

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Subject: Shifting Standards: Lewinsky Vs. Iran-Contra

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                    Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
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Every day of  coverage of the Starr investigation paints a clearer contrast
between the mainstream media's obsessive coverage of sex-related controversy
and the cursory, sometimes dismissive coverage of policy-related scandal.

For a reminder of how hostile mainstream press became toward the idea of
investigating the arms sales to Iran and the diversion of profits to the
Nicaraguan Contras, check out the following articles on FAIR's website:

"Iran-Contra: Sweep It Away"
( )

"Walsh Report's Scandalous Coverage"
( )

Then please help let journalists know that investigations of unconstitutional
secret wars are more important, not less important, than investigations of
presidential adultery.


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