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19 Aug
Office 97 to become less fun to use.

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Subject: Office 97 to become less fun to use.

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Believe it or not the following is an actual snippit from a newsletter
our IS Dept. received from Microsoft:

	Bug? Joke? Coincidence?
	Office 97 Thesaurus Entry Had Some Users Wondering

You may have read recently, either online or in print, about a "bug" in the
Microsoft Office 97 thesaurus.  When a user searches the thesaurus for the
phrase, "Unable to follow directions," the thesaurus does not have a
matching entry for that phrase, and thus returns a list of words and phrases
that are close alphabetically but have no connection with the original
phrase.  In this case, the phrase "unable to have an erection" is
highlighted in the list as the entry that is closest to the search phrase.
This is simply a coincidence; there is no bug in the thesaurus, nor is this
some sly joke sneaked in by one of our developers!  Nonetheless, in the
interests of sensitivity to any customers who may find this offensive, we
have decided to remove the entry from the upcoming Office 97 Service Release
2 (SR-2).

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