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Weirdness [538] - 29May98

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.538 (News of the Weird, May 29, 1998)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* Cafe Ke'ilu ("Cafe Make Believe") opened in a trendy section of Tel Aviv,
Israel, in April, with tables, chairs, plates, silverware, menus, and
servers, but no food or drink.  Explained manager Nir Caspi (who calls the
experience "conceptual dining"), people come to be seen and to meet people
but not for the actual food.  The menu, designed by top-rated chef (and
owner) Phillipe Kaufman, lets diners order some of the world's most
exquisite dishes (eel mousse, salad of pomegranates, if in season), "served"
on elegant (but empty) platters.

* On April 23, Pittsburgh Pirates broadcaster Lanny Frattare interrupted
his play-by-play to announce the death of actor James Earl Jones, about whom
Frattare rhapsodized briefly for his role in the baseball film "Field of
Dreams."  The person who actually died was Martin Luther King assassin James
Earl Ray, whose imminent demise from liver failure had been forecast in
numerous stories over the previous several days.

* In November, the Albuquerque Environmental Health Department, in an
official inspection report, urged that the Ice House nude-dance club should
immediately correct two food- contamination conditions.  First, it was
serving pizza at less than the required 140 degrees F.  Second, wrote the
city inspector, a sanitation risk was being posed by a dancer named
Stephanie Evans, whose act consisted in part of expelling Ping Pong balls
from her vagina to various points in the room, in that the balls could
possibly land on pizza slices or in customers' drinks.

* In February, Christian Poincheval, a radio station manager in LeMans,
France, introduced Petit Lutin toilet paper for the "reading room," on which
are printed short articles on French current affairs, geography, and
culture, with no-stain ink and new editions to be released monthly.

* In January, inventor Michael Samonek, inspired by dentists' use of
alginate molds for such things as artificial teeth and teeth- whitening,
announced a Clone Your Own Genitals kit for $19.95.  For realistic coloring,
he uses peach Jell-O and condensed milk for light skin, black cherry and
condensed milk for darker.

	Copyright 1998 by Universal Press Syndicate.

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