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21 Aug
The joy of Engine-Top cooking

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Subject: The joy of Engine-Top cooking

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Andrew A Gill writes:

...which is a review, sort of, of the new edition of _Manifold Destiny: The
One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine!_. I own the first
edition of the book and have followed its guidelines on a number of
occasions, although I've tended toward the simpler side of things--steak
and potatoes; tofu and mixed veggies; and the like. Anyway, it's great fun
and an excellent source of amusement, anecdotes, and, of course, tasty food!

My best experience was the first time I tried it. I stuck the food--
marinated steak (Fred Steak for those of you in the know) and some
veggies--on the engine in Sausalito (CA) for a trip to Eureka for the annual
Kinetic Sculpture Races. Several hours later, the food on the engine not
really at the forefront of my mind, we pulled up to the camp site and had
to get out to register. I immediately noticed a wonderfully tasty smell and
wished I could get some of "their" barbeque; then I realized it was coming
from under my hood. It was a good dinner.

When I was recently shopping for a new car, one of the things I always did
was look under the hood to see how well-suited the engine compartment was
for manifold cookery. The best by far that I saw was the Toyota RAV4, whose
engine compartment looks like it was laid out explicitly to make engine-top
cooking easier.


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