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28 Aug
Excerpted: 08/27/98 -- ShopTalk

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A sign of a good executive is someone who doesn't return phone calls.
	    Terry Semel, co-CEO of Warner Bros.

The Internet is mesmerizing the continent of North America. A total of 79
million people on the continent are now logging on to the Internet, 36% more
than the 58 million who were Internet users in September 1997. Those numbers
come from a Nielsen telephone survey of randomly selected people in the U.S.
and Canada over the age of 16, conducted in June 1998.  The study also found
that the number of Web shoppers, defined by Nielsen as "people checking out
or comparing products and services on the Web," reached 48 million. That's
37% higher than the comparable figures eight months ago.  And for the first
time, Nielsen reports, more than half of the population between the ages of
16 and 34 are Internet users -- 40 million.  About 43% of Internet users
are women (34 million overall) and 13 million people (17%) are over the age
of 50.  However, men do most of the online shopping (64%) and buying of
products (71%). (Variety)

Net News: "An estimated 70 million Americans now use the Internet.
What do you call someone who's never experienced the full potential of
cyberspace?  An AOL subscriber." (Ray)

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