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28 Aug
The Joke Count -- Excerpted: 08/28/98 -- ShopTalk

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Subject: The Joke Count -- Excerpted: 08/28/98 -- ShopTalk

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President Clinton's popularity rating is sky high -- among late-night talk
show hosts.  According to a study by the Center for Media and Public
Affairs, Clinton is the No.1 butt of monologue jokes so far this year.  As
of July 31, he has scored an impressive 1,028 barbs which is 200 higher than
his total for all of 1997 and almost double his nine top competitors
combined.  Rounding out the Top 10 monologue targets were Monica Lewinsky
(185 jokes), Kenneth Starr (73), O.J.  Simpson (69), Paula Jones (64), Linda
Tripp 57), Al Gore (52), Hillary Clinton (46), Saddam Hussein (32) and Janet
Reno (28). The survey found that Jay Leno told the most sex-related gags
(545), followed by David Letterman (364), Bill Maher (152) and Conan O'Brien
(111). (LA Times)

Director Clyde Ware ("Bad Jim" and "Pretty Boy Floyd") plans to begin
filming early next year on "The Washington Intern," a movie for Raleigh
Studios' Delaware Pictures from Ware's screenplay about a White House intern
who has an affair with a "powerful political figure." Unknown actress
Kathryn Jenkins-Smith, a Monica Lewinsky look-alike, will play the intern,
but there's no word yet on who'll play the politician. (LA Times)

Harlequin's Romance: Looks like Ken Starr will submit to Congress a 300-page
report on this whole President Clinton affair. "He's promised members of
Congress that before he hands it in he's going to underline all the juicy
parts. (Jay Leno)

Match Game 1998: The FBI Lab has received some of Bill Clinton's DNA for
matching against the stain on Monica Lewinsky's dress. "According to a poll
of American People, 63% believe DNA testing is 'very reliable,' 26% say it's
'somewhat reliable.' And the rest believe that O.J. didn't do it.'" (Gary

Party Beginners: Albany College in New York has been named the nation's top
party school. "It's only a start. They need 10 national titles before they
can join Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Ohio State as an officially certified Betty
Ford Preschool." (Argus Hamilton)

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