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10 Sep
Equal Time for the Republican Party?

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Subject: Equal Time for the Republican Party?

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[Two related items that I wish weren't so newsworthy ...  -psl]

From: Jef Jaisun <>

You know our pal, the inexcoriable Congressman Dan Burton, the guy who has
even less of a clue about the Internet than my cat, but wants to censor it
anyway? Remember a couple months back when he called Clinton a "scumbag"
and "immoral" for the Lewinsky deal? Remember how much he was grandstanding
on behalf of everyone else's morals? Well, guess what? He should have kept
his big, fat, self-righteous mouth shut.

(This is the part I REALLY REALLY like!)

CBS just reported that Burton held a press conference today, admitting he
had an affair out of wedlock in the early Eighties! Not content with
anything as mundane as a blow job, howver, Burton rammed his manhood all
the way to term. That's right, his boinkee had a baby!!! Another
bastardizing bastion of right wing hypocrisy tumbles by the wayside -- and
hopefully headlong into a massive child support order.

Doncha just love it when these guys step on their own dicks? I know I do.

From: <>

(First Sen. Dan Burton.  Now, Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R- ID), the very poster
girl of the Christian Right.  Stay tuned for a *real* interesting fall in DC.

    Chenoweth admits past affair after attacking Clinton in ad

Source:    Deseret News:  Last updated 09/10/1998, 10:34 a.m. MT

  BOISE (AP) - Rep. Helen Chenoweth, who campaigned on family values
and first won office after the disclosure of her opponent's illicit affair,
admitted having a long-term affair with a married man in the 1980s.
In a story Thursday, The Idaho Statesman quoted the two-term Republican as
saying she regretted her six-year affair but finds her situation markedly
different from that of President Clinton, whose resignation she has sought
since April over the Monica Lewinsky affair.
  "Fourteen years ago, when I was a private citizen and a single woman, I
was involved in a relationship that I came to regret, that I'm not proud
of," Chenoweth said.  "I've asked for God's forgiveness, and I've received
  Her comments come less than a week after another conservative Republican,
Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana, admitted to fathering a child from an
extramarital relationship in the early 1980s. Burton has been a leading
critic of Clinton but has focused mainly on campaign fund-raising, not his
private life.  Chenoweth's office in Boise did not respond to a request for
further comment.
  Chenoweth's admission came as her campaign began airing television
advertisements in which she accuses Clinton of damaging the presidency and
then pointedly asks Democratic challenger Dan Williams, "Where do you stand,
Dan?" "I believe that personal conduct and integrity does matter," Chenoweth
says in the ad. The newspaper, in an editor's note, said it decided to
pursue a story about the relationship because of the ads. There had been
rumors about the relationship for years.  But in admitting her own
indiscretion, Chenoweth told The Statesman, "My private life was my own
life. I am a single woman.  After the divorce, I dated."

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