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11 Sep
Today's Signs of the Cyber-apocalypse... part 1,000,000

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Subject: Today's Signs of the Cyber-apocalypse... part 1,000,000

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From: (Daniel P Dern)

Headlines torn and pasted back from Weekly World News, Sept 15,
as found in a genuine pharmacy periodicals area:

  Front page, full page:

   JANUARY 1, 2000: The Day The Earth Will Stand Still
     All Banks Will Fail!
     Electricity Will Be Cut Off!
     The Stock Market Will Crash!
     Vehicles Using Computer Chips Will Stop Dead!
     Telephones Will Cease to Function!

and inside, passim:

  * NASA PicksUp Distress Signal From a Doomed Planet
      Urgent SOS Was Sent 80,000 Years Ago
  * 500,000 People Floated In Midair Last Year

Peter Denning, you can take a week off; the WWN is on the job!


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