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14 Sep
The Top 13 Chapters In Ken Starr's "Clinton Report"

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Subject: The Top 13 Chapters In Ken Starr's "Clinton Report"

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       T  H  E     T  O  P     F  I  V  E     L  I  S  T
To Mom & Dad Starr, without whom none of this would be possible.

    Today's guest moderator is Cristoforo White, currently
   in Rome, who decided that (in true American fashion) when
  your President is in trouble, you can't just stand there --
  you have to jump in with everybody else and make fun of him.

        The Top 13 Chapters In Ken Starr's "Clinton Report"

13> Chapter 7 -- "Lewinsky" Becomes a Verb

12> Chapter 51 -- A Few Other Things I Can't Prove but Wish
    Were True, So I Leaked Them

11> Chapter 4 -- Pilferage of Pens, Post-Its, and Other
    Government Property by the First Family

10> Conclusion -- Why I, Kenneth Starr, Should Be Your New God

 9> Chapter 22 -- Wherein Our Hero, Overwhelmed by the Duties
    of Office and Beset on All Sides by the Forces of Evil,
    Looks About Him and Decides, "This Would Be a Good Time
    for a Little Oral Sex."

 8> Chapter 1 -- Liar, Liar, Career on Fire

 7> Chapter 23 -- The CLUE Conspiracy:  Miss Lewinsky, in
    the Oval Office, with the Cigar

 6> Chapter 6 -- With All Due Respect Mr. President, Why the
    Fat Chick?

 5> Chapter 39 -- So Who's Screwing Who Now, Huh, Mr. Bigshot?

 4> Chapter 28 -- Other Things the President Did While Getting
    A Hummer

 3> Conclusion -- "Hey Ken Starr, you've spent millions of tax
    dollars of the years preparing your report for Congress.
    Now what are you going to do?"  "I'm going to Disney World
    to investigate those rumors about Minnie Mouse and Goofy."

 2> Appendix -- Links To Other Hot XXX Sites on the Internet

 and Top5's Number 1 Chapter In Ken Starr's "Clinton Report"...

 1> Chapter 8 -- $40 Million, Same As In Town

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