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25 Sep
The Comedian's-eye View of Friday, 9/25/98

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of Friday, 9/25/98

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Excerpted-from: Friday, 9/25/98- ShopTalk

                         Friday September 25, 1998

	"The networks are rolling out all the new shows they believe in.
	So they can replace them in two weeks with shows they don't."
			- EW's Jim Mullen on season premieres

Saving the Show!: The rating for this year's Miss America pageant dropped
25%.  "To increase ratings next year, pageant officials are considering
dropping the talent portion of the show." (David Christensen)

No Big Deal: Delegates at the United Nations gave President Clinton a rare
60-second standing ovation when he arrived to deliver a speech on
international terrorism. "This wasn't much of a surprise since most foreign
countries consider adultery an acceptable form of entertainment for people
without cable TV."  (Bob Mills)

A Big Bore: The much-hyped fall television season has finally begun.
"Scientists have confirmed that it was the first time in recorded history
that the citizens of an entire nation yawned simultaneously." (Mills)

Up to the Minute: Candice Bergen is giving up her gig as spokeswoman for
Sprint. "Yep. She stopped on a dime." (Premiere Radio)

Express Yourself: Madonna has put her daughter, Lourdes, on the waiting list
for the exclusive Cheltenham Ladies College Boarding School in England.
"First, the phony British accent. Now this? What next? Divorcing a member
of the royal family?"  (Premiere)

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