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28 Sep
The Comediuan's-eye View of 9/28/98

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Subject: The Comediuan's-eye View of 9/28/98

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Excerpted-from: Monday, 9/28/98- ShopTalk

                         Monday, September 28, 1998

  "The duo displayed the kind of chemistry you usually see, only when
   divorced couples are forced to sit together at their daughter's wedding."
			- Craig Kilborn on the new "Donny and Marie" show


I Want My MTV!: A poll conducted by MTV of young people ages 14 to 30
revealed that 65% of those responding prefer listening to CDs or watching
videos, while 13% prefer to read. "The results have to be adjusted, though,
since a full 27% of the participants were unable to read the questionnaire."

Time of the Season: "There are three perennial signs that fall is here:
children returning to school, leaves changing from green to brown, and the
Angels choking in the last week of the season." (Gary Easley)

Bad Idea: "You know who President Clinton has asked to represent him in the
impeachment hearing in Congress? Bob Dole. Is that a good idea? Letting a
man who admits to being on Viagra read that Ken Starr report? I think we're
looking for more trouble." (Jay Leno)

Cramming Up: Operators of the Chunnel, the underwater tunnel between England
and France, reported a loss of $220 million for the first half of the year.
Company officials say stingy commuters, who try to save money on the toll
by packing several people into the same car, are to blame for the loss.
"It's a condition known as 'carpool tunnel syndrome.' " (Ira Lawson)

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