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29 Sep
The Comedian's-eye View of 09/29/98

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 09/29/98

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Excerpted-from: Resend - 09/29/98 -- ShopTalk

                     Tuesday September 29, 1998

     "In 1993, the year we went on the air, Julia Roberts married
      Lyle Lovett, Prince changed his name to a weird symbol, and
      Michael Jordan quit the Bulls to play baseball. So, as you
      can see, we were hardly the year's biggest mistake."
					- Conan O'Brien


Really?!!: A new study shows that rich contributors get access to
politicians that the average citizen does not and also get favorable
legislation written for them. "Like, we needed a study to tell us that."
(Gary Easley)

Cart-Before-the-Horse Department: South African President Nelson Mandela,
who was the guest of honor at a White House reception last week, spent 25
years in prison before he served in public office.  "Most politicians do it
the other way around." (Argus Hamilton)

Funny Money: The Department of Treasury unveiled the new $20 bill last week.
The portrait is bigger and more expressive. "It shows Andrew Jackson denying
that he ever had sexual relations with that woman, Dolly Madison."

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