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1 Oct
QsOTD - 10/1/98 - Tony Kornheiser, Bill Hall, Ernst Jan Plugge

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Subject: QsOTD - 10/1/98 - Tony Kornheiser, Bill Hall, Ernst Jan Plugge

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Excuse me?  You are not like us.  We do not always seem to be chewing on a
rancid anchovy.  We do not always feel underdressed unless we are wearing
a wire.  And if we strapped a microphone on our inner thigh so the FBI could
listen in on our close friend yammering away about excruciatingly
embarrassing details of her sex life, and then we sort of copped a smoke
when they burst in and hauled her into a back room and tried to scare her
witless, igniting a nightmarish national scandal in which that close friend
is ridiculed as a liar and a trollop, we would probably feel really, really

Also, our closest confidant isn't the unapologetic Lucianne (The Gaboon
Viper) Goldberg.  Moreover, we do not ride a broom.

No, Linda, you are not just like us.

	-- Washington Post sports columnist Tony Kornheiser, covering a
	   different Washington sport, comments on Linda Tripp's "I'm just
	   like you" statement after her Whitewater grand jury testimony.
	   [Tripp's illegal tape recordings of her "friend" Monica Lewinsky
	   are driving the latest sex scandal involving U.S.  President Bill
	   Clinton. -- Ed.] Quoted in the Globe and Mail, August 6, 1998.

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A store tomato is a tease.  It gives the false impression it is a tomato,
getting your hopes up and then breaking your heart because it isn't even
remotely what a normal person would call a tomato.  A home potato and a
store potato are the difference between great and good.  A home tomato and
a store tomato are the difference between good and evil.

	-- Bill Hall, Lewiston, Idaho Tribune, May 13, 1998

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The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is probably the day they
start making vacuum cleaners.

	-- Ernst Jan Plugge

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