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3 Oct
The Comedian's-eye View of 10/02/98

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 10/02/98

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Excerpted-from: 10/02/98 -- ShopTalk

                         Friday October 2, 1998

     "You read what Disraeli had to say. I don't remember what he
      said.  He said something. He's no longer with us."

			- Bob Dole, on the challenge of keeping a politician's
			  private life separate from his public life.


Shock Rocker: Marilyn Manson will appear on "Politically Incorrect." He'll
be appearing with noted political analyst Pamela Anderson." (Premiere Radio)

The Big Catch: Forbes magazine published its annual list of the 400 richest
men in America.  There are no surprises.  "The three richest are Bill Gates,
Warren Buffett and the fellow who caught Mark McGwire's 70th home run."
(Argus Hamilton)

George of the Jungle: Researchers found that animals in the wild are not
faithful to their mates.  The only mammal that's 100% faithful is the
marmoset monkey.  "And as George Bush discovered, they make adorable running
mates." (Hamilton)

In Sports: Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt reportedly has offered to
buy Cincinnati Reds majority owner Marge Schott's interest in the team.
"If he buys the team, every night will be ball night." (Mark Wheeler)

Take Me Out...: Bill Ingraham of Tewksbury, NJ, is being hauled into court
by his neighbors because he's built a full-size baseball diamond in his
backyard for his son to practice on. "Perhaps he should have listened to
the voices that kept whispering, 'If you build it, they will sue.'"

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