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12 Oct
A Deep Hole

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Two hikers came upon a 6-foot-wide hole in the ground. They figured it for
an air shaft from an abandoned coal mine. Curious as to the depth of the
hole, the first hiker picked up a rock and tossed it into the opening. They
listened....and heard nothing.  The second hiker picked up an even larger
rock and tossed it into the opening... They still heard nothing. They
noticed an old railroad tie and dragged it to the edge of the shaft, and
hurled it down. Seconds later a dog came running up between the two men and
jumped straight into the hole. Bewildered, the two hikers just looked at
each other, trying to figure out why a dog would do such a thing.  Soon a
young boy ambled onto the scene and asked what the men were doing.  The
hikers told him that a dog had just jumped into the hole. The young boy
looked worried and then laughed and said, "Naw, that couldn't be my dog.
My dog's safely tied to a railroad tie!"

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