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16 Oct
QOTD - The Lincoln Brigade, 10/16/98

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[I first learned of the Lincoln Brigade in the late 50s from a 10" Folkways
 record called "Songs of the Lincoln Brigade" -- some of it was recorded at
 the front; you could hear gunfire as they were singing...

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	"I was a carpenter and one time an F.B.I. agent came around and
	said to my employer, 'Do you know this man is a communist?'  And
	my boss, to his everliving credit, tells the agent, 'Hey, do you
	know where I can find any more of those?  This guy does great work.'"
		- Abe Osheroff,
		  veteran of the Lincoln Brigade.

The Lincoln Brigade was a brigade of American volunteers who fought against
the Franco fascists in the Spanish Civil War.  Franco, with considerable
help from his wartime ally Hitler, won the war and ruled Spain until his
death.  The veterans of the Lincoln Brigade were officially termed
"premature anti-fascists" by the American government, and harassed as
communists through the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's.

Now, for the first time, a tiny memorial to the Lincoln Brigade has been
established in the United States, on the Seattle campus of the University
of Washington.

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