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19 Oct
A rising Starr in Publishing

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Subject: A rising Starr in Publishing 

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With approval of the source (who wishes to remain an anonymous employee of
a major publishing house), I forward this e-mail that she wrote to me last

So - I'm handling all the schedules for printed material and I find out
today 4 of our book clubs are offering The Starr Report to their members.
My first reaction is "I'm ashamed of this whole corporation"; then they tell
me what clubs are doing it and what their rationalizations are:

Behavioral Science Book Service - is doing it as a case study in aberrant
behavior (they're not saying whose).

Readers Services - generally a book club that deals with high-toned
literature - is doing it as "an historical document"

Executive Program is doing it as a case study in inappropriate executive

But the last club Library of Speech-Language Pathology had me stumped, until
the ad manager opined "Well, it has something to do with swallowing."

I will not stop giggling for the rest of the day.

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