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22 Oct
Spousal Evaluations

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Subject: Spousal Evaluations

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Two Jewish mothers meet for coffee.  "Well Ruthie, how are the kids?"

"To tell you the truth, my Abe has married a slut!  She doesn't get out of
bed until 10; she's out all day spending his money on God knows what; and
when he gets home, exhausted, does she have a nice, hot dinner for him?
No!  She makes him take her out to dinner at an expensive restaurant."

"Oh Ruthie, that's terrible!  And Esther?"

"Ah!  Esther has married a saint.  He brings her breakfast in bed; he gives
her enough money to buy all she needs; and in the evening he takes her out
to dinner at an expensive restaurant."

[Strangely enough, that's the way it works for us WASPs, too.  -psl]

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