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23 Oct
Top Ten Microsoft Challenges To Netscape's Testimony

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Subject: Top Ten Microsoft Challenges To Netscape's Testimony

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As DOJ vs. Microsoft got underway, the Redmond software giant poked some
holes in testimony from Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale.  Here are some points
Microsoft brought up that you might not have heard about:

10. In 1993, Microsoft came up with "Winzilla," a cute cartoon lizard that
predated "Mozilla" by at least a year.

9. Mark Andreessen started it when he called Bill Gates "a great big doody-
head" in a 1995 email.

8. This is all a big misunderstanding--Gates said, "We want to cooperate,"
and Barksdale thought he said, "We want to carve you up."

7. Java is a Communist plot.

6. In 1994, a drunken Netscape exec sang Nazareth's "Love Hurts" into
Gates's answering machine.

5. Microsoft targeted Netscape after reading an incorrect report that the
next version of Navigator would feature a perky, animated paper clip.

4. MS was not late in "getting" the Net--it created a proprietary online
service all the way back in 1995!

3. The new is not modeled after Netcenter in any way -- it's modeled
after Yahoo.

2. Gates got the idea for the Web browser from the writings of Leondardo da
Vinci, who thought of it in 1508.

1. Microsoft would have left Netscape alone except Netscape started writing
bloated, buggy software. And there's no way Microsoft wants anyone else in
that market.

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