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24 Oct
Gentile Jokes

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A Gentile calls his mother and says, "Mother, I know you had been expecting
me for dinner this evening, but something important has come up and I can't
make it."
His mother says: "OK."

A Gentile goes into a clothing store, sees a jacket he likes, and says to
the owner: "This is a very fine jacket.  How much is it?"
The owner says: "$500."
The Gentile says, "OK, I'll take it."

Two Gentiles meet on the street. The first one says, "You own your own
business, don't you?  How's it doing?"
The other Gentile says; "Just great! Thanks for asking!"

[Okay, coming from a goyishe background, I know a few of these jokes, too...
 to wit:

A Gentile drops by his parent's house to ask their opinion [wait! there's
more!] on his plan to drop out of med school and get a job on a fishing
boat; his mother says "My! That sounds like fun!"

A Gentile orders an expensive meal in a restaurant and at the end of the
meal, when the waiter asks if everything was all right, the Gentile says
"Yes, of course." and leaves an extra big tip in embarassment.

A Gentile returns from a trip to Indianapolis and his wife asks him how he
liked the restaurants there; he says "the food was delicious, but the
portions were too large!"


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