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26 Oct
Talent (Fast-spreading Urban Legend O' The Day)

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	Beauty is more than skin deep at the Miss Vagina contest.

I wonder what the feminists would make of this... Amsterdam this week was
the venue for the inaugural Miss Vagina contest where hopeful young women
from all around the world dropped their pants to try and win the coverted
title of, er, Miss Vagina 1998. This was not just a passive line-up of
pudenda, however - contestants were also judged on their 'special' talents.
Miss Mexico was a hot favourite when she opened a beer bottle with her bits
- one spectator in Amsterdam's Bronco Burlesque Barn fainted at the sight
of it. But then she was upstaged by Miss India who played the flute and then
pulled not one, not two, but THREE live snakes out of her tunnel of love.
However the crown and $1,500 top prize eventually went to Miss Denmark. Her
act?  Well not only could she accomodate five ping pong balls numbered 1 to
5 down below, she could also produce - with no hands - any particular
numbered ball on request.  Now there's something that could spice up the
National Lottery show...


When She Fainted I Had Just Yelled 'Look Ma No Hands': - Opening a beer
bottle using only her vagina, Miss Mexico thought she had it won at the
first annual Miss Vagina contest sponsored by the Bronco Burlesque Barn in
Amsterdam. However she was followed by Miss Phillippines, who shuffled
cards, and the hometown favorite, Miss Netherlands, who could dispense any
exact amount of small change requested by the audience. The eventual winner
was Miss Denmark, who, working with five numbered ping pong balls, could
produce any ball upon request.

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