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27 Oct
NT 5.0 to be named Windows 2000

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Subject: NT 5.0 to be named Windows 2000

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Miles, S. 1998. NT 5.0 to be named Windows 2000. CNET News.Com, October
26, 1998, 5:40 p.m. PT.,4,27965,00.html.

     Microsoft will announce tomorrow that Windows NT 5.0, its upcoming
operating system for corporations, will be renamed Windows 2000, sources
say. Brad Chase, vice president of Windows marketing and developer relations
for Microsoft, is expected to make the announcement, sources say. Microsoft
was widely expected to use the brand name for the consumer version of
Windows NT, which is still three or four years away.  Microsoft would not
confirm or deny the name change for the delayed upgraded corporate operating
system. It is unclear whether Windows 2000 will refer to both the server
and client components of NT 5.0.

But, what does this really mean?
 Forwarded-by: Digby Morrow <

Does Windows 2000 refer to:

a. The year it is finally released;
b. The number of megabytes of ram the system needs to load;
c. The number of terabytes the System32 directory will need;
d. The projected cost to upgrade one Windows NT 4.0 machine to be able to
   run WIndows 2000;
e. The projected cost of the software itself;
f. The cost of one call to Microsoft's technical support team;
g. The number of minutes to load the new OS;
h. The number of servers that will simultaneously crash when the network
is brought up the first time;
i. The number of services packs that will be released in the first week;
j. The number of current mission critical software packages that won't run
unless you buy an upgrade.

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