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2 Nov
Michael Moore's Last Election Rant

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Subject: Michael Moore's Last Election Rant

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[Well, we think it's Michael's last election rant, but who knows?
 It's certainly adding spice to this election, though...  -psl]


Michael Moore's Last Election Rant


Dear Friends --

We are hours away from what could be the final, crushing blow to the
Republican-led impeachment/Witch Hunt.

Never before -- and I mean NEVER BEFORE -- have we had, in our lifetime,
such an opportunity to stop the right wing dead in its tracks.

If you have forwarded this e-mail to everyone you have been sending my other
e-mails to, that means that at least a million people are reading this right
now. One million, possibly more. Do you know the kind of havoc a million
people can wreak? Let me put it this way. In 1994, if just 19,500 people
nationwide in the 13 closest congressional races had shown up and voted for
the wimpy Democrats, Newt Gingrich and his Newtites never would have taken
control of the House. Just 19,500!  That's about one voter per school

One vote DOES count. The media and the corporate poobahs are hoping against
hope that you don't believe you make a difference. They have created a
society where they've got you convinced that you don't matter and that it's
best just to look out for yourself. Dog eat dog.

They have you so discouraged ("what's the use") or so cynical ("they're all
the same anyway") that they are predicting you will stay home tomorrow
(Tuesday) in record numbers. They have an agenda, along with their nutty
right wing cousins in the Christian Coalition, and are on a mission that
includes more breaks for the rich, less benefits for the middle class, and
a continued war on the poor.

All that stands in their way is your right to vote.

But they know you have figured out we live in a ONE-PARTY system. It's
called "Democrats" and "Republicans" but they are both one and the same.
The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is about the same
as the difference between having a broken arm or a broken leg. Ok, I guess
I 'd take the broken arm -- I'm lousy at hopping.

So, because you've figured out the whole thing stinks to the high heavens,
they are convinced that you will say, "screw it", and let them run the show
the way they want to.

Don't do it. Don't fall for their ruse. Commit your act of civil
disobedience and go vote.  USE the pathetic Democrats to send a loud message
that we are still in charge and we're not going down without a fight.

It won't be that hard. Take everyone you know with you to the polls. Say to
everyone at work, "Hey, want to go kick some political butt?" or "Hey,
everybody, they're letting us overthrow the Republicans -- let's rock!" Call
five people right now. Who are they? Do you want me to call them? Hell, I'll
stay up all night on the phone or on this computer if it means the Contract
on America is declared null and void at 8pm tomorrow night. C'mon, gimme
their names:


Forward this letter to every list and newsgroup and forum you're on.

Plunk! Plunk! Plunk! Democrat! Dumbocrat!  All Republicans sent packing!
Bye! Bye!!  Hope you never have your private sex life paraded in front of
300 million people!

Wanna create a real ruckus? Here's how.  You have a legal right in many
states to go to the registrar at any polling place and, on an hourly basis,
ask to see who has voted and who hasn't. They keep the freakin' list right
there and IT IS OPEN FOR PUBLIC VIEWING! You can copy down the names and
phone numbers of registered Democrats who haven't shown up to vote yet and
then go call them to remind 'em to get down here before the polls close
'cause they are missing out on an historical event. Those of you who are
students -- go do this! It's anarchy that is legal and doesn't require a
police beating!

How will we define victory tomorrow? The Republicans had predicted that they
would get at least what the party opposite the President gets in the second-
term, off-year election -- a pick-up of 32 new House seats (which is the
average in every off-year election this century). They also hope to pick up
enough Senate seats to give them the veto-proof 60 Senators they need to
protect the insurance industry, relax the environmental laws, and make
abortion illegal. Anything less than these numbers for them will be seen as
a resounding defeat.

If the million of you reading this go out to the polls and do what some of
you (and I) find repugnant -- vote for Democrats -- it will so upset the
apple cart of expectations that I predict every pundit on MSNBC and CNN will
spontaneously combust when the results are announced tomorrow night. Fred
Barnes -- boom! John McLaughlin -- boom!  Ann Coulter -- boom! William
Bennett -- boom! boom! ka-boom!

The yakkity-yakkity yak about MonicaMonicaMonica will then cease and we'll
be able to get on to more important things.

And don't worry about your vote being misinterpreted as "supporting the
Democrats." Consider this letter I just received:

"Dear Michael:

"I am the Democratic candidate for Congress
in California's 15th District. The real scandal in
the Democratic Party is the fact that it doesn't
even support its own candidates. I am one of
180 Democratic candidates who have
received NOTHING from our party.

"Your movement to throw the bastards out is
our last, best hope. You are exactly right that it
would scare the hell out of the Democrats,
because what can be done to the Republicans
can also be done to them.


Dick Lane
Democratic Candidate for Congress

There you have it. From the horse's mouth.

See you at the polls.


Michael Moore
Director, "Roger & Me", "TV Nation"

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