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10 Dec
Cat herding and gun wielding.

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Date: Thu, 10 Dec 98 12:32:40 -0800
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Subject: Cat herding and gun wielding.

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[In case you don't know, "RMS" is Richard Stallman of GNU, a man with
 strongly-held and often strongly-expressed opinions... -psl]

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The evening demonstrated the ancient tradition of cat herding [...]
We drove around for a while and eventually they phoned to say they
were already at the microbrewery.  The rest follows as before, eat,
drink and go to bed about 4am.  A few people weren't present this
time as they were at Eric Raymond's geeks with guns sessions. Frankly
I'm not keen on guns and even less keen on the idea of a gun wielding
RMS explaining free software ethics to terrified onlookers.

	- Excerpted from Alan Cox's diary at

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