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Weirdness [549] - 14Aug98

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.549 (News of the Weird, August 14, 1998)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* Rosamaria Machado-Wilson, formerly a manager at BSG, a Panama City, Fla.,
audio lab doing product development for the gambling industry, filed a
lawsuit against the company in July, claiming she was fired for not
embracing the company's workplace Christianity.  The lawsuit claims the
company forced her to be baptized and to attend prayer meetings and that
Machado-Wilson sometimes encountered prostrate employees in the office,
praying in tongues.  She claims the experience caused her to compulsively
read the Bible and to refuse conjugal sex.

* A 41-year-old man in a pickup truck was arrested in Conneaut, Ohio, in
May and charged with shooting two volunteer firefighters.  The victims were
assisting an ambulance crew to tend to an elderly woman; apparently, the
ambulance driver, with traffic stopped in both directions, was taking too
much time backing out of a driveway and thus needed to be shot.  And in
April on the side of I- 395 in Alexandria, Va., during rush hour, Army Maj.
Odie Butler stood for 45 minutes protecting a critically wounded woman whose
van had just overturned.  During the wait, Butler said he had to endure many
refusals to call for help, plus epithets and middle fingers, because the
accident had blocked a lane of traffic.

* In May, when New York City 6th grade teacher Ms. Aishah Ahmad, 44,
declined to switch the classroom TV set from educational programming to "The
Jerry Springer Show," four girls aged 11 and 12 pounced on her and beat her
up, sending her to the hospital.  However, a month before that, Stratford
(Conn.) High student Joseph Calore filed a lawsuit against the school
because it kept the Springer show on in the classroom during an exam.
According to Calore, a fight on the show provoked another student to punch
Calore and break his jaw.

* In February, the Kloser brewery in Nuezelle, Germany, announced it would
soon begin selling dark beer concentrate for foam baths and eczema
treatment.  The new product differs from beer only in that the yeast is left
in, creating its skin-soothing quality.  Said owner Helmut Fritsche, "You
can bathe in it or drink it.  Whoever wants to, can do both."

	Copyright 1998 by Universal Press Syndicate.

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