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15 Dec

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Subject: LIT BITS CALENDAR V1 #308

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR - Wednesday, December 16 1998 - V.01 N.308

Today is Wednesday, 16 December 1998; on this day,

223 years ago (1775),

	Jane Austen is born in the parsonage of Steventon, Hampshire.

135 years ago (1863),

	Philosopher, poet, and novelist (_The Last Puritan_) George
   Santayana is born in Madrid.

99 years ago (1899),

	Playwright, actor, and composer Noel Coward is born in Teddington,
   Middlesex: "I write at high speed because boredom is bad for my health."

81 years ago (1917),

	Working first as a government auditor, then as a radar instructor
   and technician in the Royal Air Force, Arthur C. Clarke, born this day
   in Minehead, Somerset, England, will become best known for the movie
   based upon his short story "The Sentinel" (1951), _2001: A Space
   Odyssey_ (1968).

70 years ago (1928),

	American science-fiction writer whose novels and short stories will
   depict the psychological struggles of characters trapped in illusory
   environments, Philip K. Dick is born in Chicago, Illinois.

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