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15 Dec
A Message From Michael Moore to Mike's Militia Members

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Subject: A Message From Michael Moore to Mike's Militia Members

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Dear Friends,

It's been one of those weeks.

First the good news, then the bad news, then the really bad news...

GOOD NEWS: We beat the mayor!  After some fast work by our legal team and
a public outcry from many of you, New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani
rescinded the order preventing us from shooting our new TV show, "The Awful
Truth", on the streets of New York.  Whoever wrote the First Amendment
should be on everyone's Christmas list.

And... we beat the bathroom king!  Millionaire Ira Rennert, the top toxic
polluter in the country, withdrew his lawsuit, admitted that sworn
statements he provided the court were not true, and the judge dismissed the
case and the restraining order against us "with prejudice" (meaning he is
barred from suing us again on this matter).

So we continue to film our story on Mr. Rennert and his home with the 39

I wish I could share with you all the wild stories we've been filming  for
"The Awful Truth",  which premieres on Bravo in April.  In just the last
week, we...

--Experienced our first arrest ever.  Crackers, our Corporate Crime Fighting
Chicken and our producer, Tia Lessin, were taken away in handcuffs, when
Crackers confronted Mickey Mouse down in Orlando at DisneyWorld.  It was an
historic meeting of the two great animal mascots, but the Disney people (the
subject of our story) did not see it that way.

--Paid another visit to the Impeachment hearings and interviewed the
Clinton-obsessed Congressman Bob Barr about the whipped cream he licked off
two women's chests at a fundraiser in 1992.  We wanted the impartial
Judiciary Committee member to show us how that was done.

--Visited the offices and homes of the CEOs of our top tobacco companies
with "The Awful Truth Choir" - composed solely of people who have lost their
voice boxes from smoking.  They sang Christmas carols to the chairmen, and
it was a touching sight.

BAD NEWS:  Needless to say, we had a hard time staying on broadcast
television with "TV Nation," so now we have moved to the free land of cable
on the Bravo channel.  Of course, cable isn't free and that's bothersome,
but it's that or nothing. (Fortunately, Bravo is no longer a pay cable
channel in most places).

The people at Bravo have been great.  We are under no cloud of censorship
as we were on NBC and FOX (details in our new book, "Adventures in a TV
Nation" <A HREF=""></A> )

But Bravo is available in only one-third of the homes in this country. Many
of you have written us to say that your local cable company does not carry
Bravo and you were wondering how you'd be able to see "The Awful Truth."

Well, dammit,  there's no other way.

So that means you've got to convince your local cable company to pick up

These cable operators DO respond to public pressure on occasion.  They are,
for better or worse, regulated by your local government.

We need you to call your local cable company TODAY.  Ask for the general
manager or the sales manager and tell her/him you want them to carry Bravo.
Click here to find out the name and phone number of the cable company in
your  town.  <A HREF=""></A>

We are especially targeting these cities which do not carry Bravo:

Portland, OR		Columbia Cable, (503) 644-3188
Cincinnati, OH		Cincinnati Cable, (513) 242-9111
Buffalo, NY		TCI of Buffalo, (716) 853-8900
Baltimore, MD		TCI of Baltimore, (410) 649-9000
Flint, MI		Comcast Cablevision, (810) 235-9200
Houston, TX		TCI Harris County, (713) 451-4611
Union, NJ		Comcast Cable of Union, (908) 602-7444
Jacksonville, FL	MediaOne, (904) 731-7700
Rochester, NY		Time Warner Cable, (716) 756-5000
Charlotte, NC		Cablevision, (704) 377-2288
Reading, PA		Time Warner Cable, (610) 378-4600
Raleigh/Durham, NC	Time Warner Cable, (919) 821-7925
Richmond, VA		MediaOne, (804) 262-4004
Green Bay, WI		Time Warner, (414) 496-2040
Worcester, MA		Time Warner, (607) 432-0500
Grand Rapids, MI	TCI, (616) 977-2200
Greensboro, NC		Time Warner, (910) 854-1200
Albuquerque, NM		Jones Intercable, (505) 761-6200
Jackson, MS		Capitol Cablevision, (601) 982-0922
Altantic City, NJ	Suburban Cable (609) 641-6700
Southeast Michigan	Comcast, (313) 945-1111
Pittsburgh, PA		TCI, (412) 771-8100
Harrisburg, PA		Suburban Cable, (717) 540-8900

Your cable company will be deciding THIS WEEK which networks they will be
ordering for the second quarter of 1999.  That's why we need you to make
that call TODAY.

AND NOW, THE REALLY BAD NEWS: Does Congress have rocks in its head? Did they
not get the point of November 3?

They are actually going ahead with this coup!

So, my friends, let's activate our internet troops once again and...


Here's what we need to do:

1. Each of us must call and harass the 20 or so Congress members on the
fence. Click here for their names and phone numbers.
<A HREF=""></A>

2. To contact your own member of Congress, call (202) 225-3121 (House) or
(202) 224-3121 (Senate).

3. If you live on the East Coast, come join myself, Jesse Jackson, John
Sweeney and others on the steps of the Capitol to protest the coup this
Thursday, December 17, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

4. E-mail your congressman now.   Click here:  <A

5. Get ready to do some work. We're going to change this whole corrupt
system and get our country back in the hands of its citizens.  Over the
holidays, I will write you and propose a number of actions we can take.

This whole impeachment fight has gone way beyond a stained blue dress. It
is now about something much bigger than "Bill Clinton." Regardless of how
you feel about this horndog, the Radical Right and its agenda of hate must
be stopped.  They are going to get away with this unless we act NOW.

I am so sick and tired of listening to them say, "It's NOT about sex, it's
NOT about lying about sex, it's about PERJURY!"

Really?  Just substitute "golf" for "sex" in all their speeches last week
and see how this holds up:

"Mr. Chairman, the President claims he can't remember how many putts he took
on the 12th hole - HOW CAN HE NOT REMEMBER?!  This man looked right in the
eye of the American public and LIED when he said "I did not go golfing with
that man, Greg Norman!" Then, UNDER OATH, he said his handicap was a "6"
instead of what it REALLY is - a "14!" He has committed PERJURY, and for
that he should be removed from office!"

Trust me, it's ONLY about sex (and all the other things about your personal
life the Right wingnuts want to put their nose into).

But cheer up. There ARE three silver linings if Clinton is put on trial in
the Senate:

1. Both  parties will be so totally consumed with this for 4 to 6 months
that they will be paralyzed from enacting more laws that do us harm.

2. Thanks to the Republican Road Rage and the Democratic Inability to Put
This Thing to Rest, the public is going to come out on the other side with
total and complete disgust for these two political "parties".  This could
spell t he end of politics as we've  known it and there will be no better
time for us to organize new political parties (The New Democratic Party? A
Labor Party? Heck,  there's even room for the loveable but whacky
Libertarians and Peroistes!).  Will we have the smarts to take advantage of
the suicide the Republocrats are committing? I hope so.  Because this
impeachment has been a convenient and useful distraction for corporate
America. While we've been busy pondering cigars and Altoids, the Fortune
500  has produced record layoffs and mergers this past year.

3. This will be a real trial, not a kangaroo court like the one conducted
in the Judiciary Committee.  This time there are going to be real witnesses,
real cross-examination, and real evidence.  The good thing that might come
out of it is that we will discover what Lucianne Goldberg and Linda Tripp's
connections really are.  We will learn how the tobacco senators from North
Carolina (Helms and Faircloth) conspired to remove the original special
prosecutor and appoint one of the tobacco industry's chief attorneys, Ken
Starr.  This will all come out and it will be good.

I just heard from the Fox News Channel today that Lucianne Goldberg has told
them that she does not mind appearing with any pro-Clinton person on their
talk shows - but "she will NOT go on the same show with you, Michael Moore.
She hates you."

Whoa! What did I do?  I've never met the lady.  She kicked this whole coup
off by getting Linda Tripp to secretly tape her "friend" Monica Lewinsky,
and then she oddly became the only central Monicagate figure NOT called by
Ken Starr to testify in front of the grand jury.  Why?

But do you want to hear something weirder? She lives next door to me!  I
can see into her window! It's true!  What do I do with this?  Give her a
taste of her own privacy invasion?  Show the American people the "awful
truth" I have to avoid looking at every damn night?  Any ideas out there,
my fellow Mike's Militia Members?

Take care, call Congress, call your cable company, write to me, and be good
to young children between the ages of 5 and 6 1/2.

Michael Moore
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