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17 Dec
QOTD - 12/17/98, Cleese

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"No subject is ever too serious for humour.  I think many people have a
basic misunderstanding: There's a difference between being serious and being

"We could be talking about things that are extremely serious -- our
marriages, the education of our children, politics, even the meaning of life
-- and laughing quite a lot and that wouldn't make what we were talking
about one bit less serious.

"But solemnity, on the other hand; I don't know what it's for. Solemnity
serves pomposity, self-importance, and egotism.  And the pompous and the
self-important always know at some level that their egotism is going to be
punctured by humour.  That's why they always see humour as negative, as a
threat to them personally.  And so they dishonestly criticize it as
frivolous and light-minded."

	- John Cleese

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