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18 Dec
NTK Bits now, 18/12/98

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Subject: NTK Bits now, 18/12/98

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Excerpted-from: NTK now, 18/12/98

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         "Software expands to fill the space available.  If it
                     didn't, it wouldn't be designed properly."
         - NATHAN MYHRVOLD explains Microsoft's design philosophy
             ...within 4 hours we estimate NT will have consumed much
             of Washington State: after 16 hours, the entire Western
             seaboard. It'll reach New York by 3am tomorrow morning...

                                >> ANTI-NEWS <<
                             berating the obvious

	 JUSTIN PETERSEN arrested but not at that CIA secret spy base after
	 all... BAGHDAD WEBCAM a hoax... Title vs Body discontinuity doh at
	 ... Stale bread not freshened by re-heating, uncovers the
	 its official bookseller... LUCY ELLMAN goes completely INSANE in
	 GUARDIAN online SECTION... IETF want to obsolete the ASCII
	 standard... Australian exotic dancer changes his name to BILL GATES
	 ... nominative doh: ... SONY sends out Xmas
	 message to all Vaio owners: puts everyone on the cc: list...
	 someone trademarks "LISTSERV" (R)... "Click on pop up" gets 5000
	 votes in TIME'S MAN OF THE YEAR contest... WALLPAPER does a Y2K
	 survival issue... FREESERVE at 700,000 customers... says 379 days to Y2K: says 378... Do you Yahoo Iraq? ...

                                >> TRACKING <<
                  making good use of the things that we find

	 As Stuart Houghton writes in response to the LiteStep plug last
	 week, coding Windows Explorer replacements seems to be the new drug
	 wiping out young Windows programmers' lives.  Cussedly, the best
	 resource for these custom jobs , is down
	 right now, so we'll have to give you the next best thing, and save
	 that for the New Year. WIN 98 LITE isn't a new shell - it just lets
	 you keep the old, stable, Windows 95 one when upgrading to 98 and
	 its unique open-a-whole-Web-browser-every-time-you-need-a-file
	 approach. Not only do you free up to 32MB of hard drive, not only
	 do folders load up in a fraction of the new, improved time, but
	 you are single-handedly disproving Microsoft's court case whenever
	 you boot. Objection - sustained!
          -<smallprint>only works *before* you upgrade, though<smallprint>

                                >> MEMEPOOL <<
                              hasta la altavista

	 ... optical switches ahoy!... clip art of the Lord: BT-CLICK doesn't work if you withhold
	 caller ID (not that we tried or anything)... so that's where he
	 went: ... avoid Heinlein and still keep
	 your "friend": ...
	 fork THE GIMP? fork *you*! ... DIGICASH to "open license
	 arrangements" - about bloody time... URL of the Year: ... but someone else gets "Best
	 ... time to buy up those Guy Fawkes stocks: ... "knicker bacon"? ... cut out the middle Grey
	 with ...

                               >> SMALL PRINT <<
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         happened last week or might happen next week. You can read it
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     nothing better to do. It is compiled by NTK from stuff they get sent.
            It is registered at the Post Office as "our only hope!"
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