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18 Dec
Unsubscribing from Fun_People

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 98 12:55:50 -0800
To: Fun_People
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Subject: Unsubscribing from Fun_People

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[In case you're wondering how you're supposed to unsubscribe from Fun_People,
 well, you're not supposed to.  That makes more work for me, see?
 But if you're still wondering how people actually do it, here's a typical

 Forwarded-by: "Novak, Ken"

I can't take anymore fun, it's just too much.  I'm weeks behind.  Maybe when
I'm unemployed, sucking the gov't for every penny they have, abusing the
liberal system for what it is, and not giving a rat's aasssss about making
this world a better place to live, can I have this much fun.  Thanks for
the memories, have a happy whatever, and like Country Joe said, f--k the
world we're all gonna die.  God bless liberalism or whoever you want to
blame it on.


[Okay Ken; noo problemo!  Just take it easy and everything will be all right.
 I can make the voices in your head stop shouting, but first you have to put
 down the coffee cup and unplug the espresso I.V. drip... there you go...
 that's better, isn't it?   Whew!

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