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20 Jan
And they said Vaudeville was dead...

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Subject: And they said Vaudeville was dead...

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PRIVACY Forum Digest      Saturday, 16 January 1999      Volume 08 : Issue 02

            Moderated by Lauren Weinstein (
              Vortex Technology, Woodland Hills, CA, U.S.A.

From: (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
Subject: Signatures in E-Mail

Greetings.  An enterprising firm, currently receiving considerable
publicity, believes it has solved the "problem" of people not being able to
include their familiar written signatures in e-mail.  Presumably oriented
towards persons not possessing a scanner (or functioning neurons in their
brains) they'll set it all up for you, all at no charge for a limited time.
Step one: fax them your signature...

And they said Vaudeville was dead.

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