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20 Jan

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Subject: LIT BITS V2 #21

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR  Thursday, 1/21/1999  Vol 02 : Num 021

Today is Thursday, 21 January 1999; on this day,

210 years ago (1789),

	The first American novel, William Hill Brown's epistolary romance
   _The Power of Sympathy, or the Triumph of Nature_, is published
   anonymously in Boston.

95 years ago (1904),

	Richard P. Blackmur, reclusive poet and critic, is born, probably
   in Massachusees.  Commenting on the problems of "the serious writer," he
   will characterize those who work for Henry Luce (of _Time_ and _Life_)
   as choosing "a kind of fur-lined purgatory."

70 years ago (1929),

	Harry Crosby asks Hart Crane if _The Black Sun Press_ can publish
   his as yet unfinished poem "The Bridge."

67 years ago (1932),

	[Giles] Lytton Strachey, the late great biographer/literary critic
   with the wonderful, gently mocking, ironic, enormously articulate style,
   dies in Ham Spray House, Berkshire.  Though bitterly attacked throughout
   his life, he has retained his position as a preeminent humorist and wit.

47 years ago (1952),

	William Shawn succeeds Harold Ross as editor of _The New Yorker_.


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