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22 Jan

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Excerpted-badly-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V2 #23   Saturday, January 23 1999

Today is Saturday, 23 January 1999; on this day,

216 years ago (1783),

	Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle), a soldier under Napoleon and author
   (_The Red and the Black_, _The Charterhouse of Parma_), is born in

186 years ago (1813),

	Drury Lane reopened with Samuel Taylor Coleridge's _Remorse_.

124 years ago (1875),

	Author of the immensely popular historical novels _Hypatia_ (1853),
   a story of 5th-century Alexandria; _Westward Ho!_ (1855), an
   anti-Catholic adventure set in the Elizabethan period; and _Hereward the
   Wake_ (1866), about the Norman Conquest, Charles Kingsley dies in
   Eversley, Hampshire.

69 years ago (1930),

	West Indian poet and playwright noted for works that explore the
   Caribbean cultural experience, Derek Walcott is born in Castries, Saint
   Lucia. He will become best known for his poetry, beginning with _In a
   Green Night: Poems 1948-1960_ (1960), and his book-length poem _Omeros_
   (1990), which links the world of the Caribbean with that of Homer. He
   will be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992.

63 years ago (1936),

	In a review George Orwell confesses: "I worshipped Kipling at 13,
   loathed him at 17, enjoyed him at 20 despised him at 25, and now again
   rather admire him."  Fourteen years later to the day, Orwell will die in
   London at 46 of a tubercular hemorrhage.

56 years ago (1943),

	Critic Alexander Woollcott, 56, dies of a heart attack sustained
   while appearing on the radio program "The People's Forum."

53 years ago (1946),

	Post-neo dilletante Peter Langston is born in New York, New York
   on Django Reinhardt's birthday.  Peter would later be known for editing
   his birthdate into listings of events of literary note.

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