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8 Feb
Re: But Will the Free Stock Be Worth Something?

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon,  8 Feb 99 05:13:57 -0800
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Subject: Re: But Will the Free Stock Be Worth Something?

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    A number of people have mentioned that they were having trouble with the
URL I gave in the free stock message.  Unfortunately, that turns out to be a
DNS glitch in finding my domain.  Not everyone is having this problem, but if
you run into a DNS lookup error with you can use the IP
address in its place.  Here's the free stock message with a
URL that doesn't require lookup of to work...
Peter (
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Yahoo's publicly-traded stock (YHOO) hit $400.00 a share a few weeks ago.
When Yahoo was just starting out they gave away stock as a promotion.
It would have been nice to have been a part of that!  Well, it may be
happening again with another company. The company Exit23b is giving away
stock, in a drawing, pre-IPO. This may be a chance you want to take - no
cost other than a minute of your time.

Fill out a tiny form (2 questions) at < >
When you do, it also enters my email address in their drawing as the referer
(that's my only connection with it).

It's like a lottery with free tickets...

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