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20 Feb
Cross Training Bras

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Subject: Cross Training Bras

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Dear Doctor Science,
They make training and cross-training shoes. They also make training
bras. Why don't they make cross-training bras, and if they do, why have
I never heard of them?

-- David Gwilliam from Chicago, IL

There comes a time in every man's life when he looks at his gender and says,
"Is that all there is?" I know I spent many a morning pirouetting through
the lab, singing "I Feel Pretty" from the musical West Side Story, and
waiting for Tony to take me away from all this. Well, Tony never arrived,
I never got a Tony for my performance, and my desires to stretch the
boundaries of gender identity lay dormant. Until today. In the morning paper
I saw my first ad for a cross-training bra, and if they can deliver one to
me in a brown paper wrapper, I just might take the plunge. What the heck,
you only live once.

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