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26 Feb
ALERT: Alabama Needs Sex Toys!

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Subject: ALERT: Alabama Needs Sex Toys!

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Dear Folks,

As you may have heard in the news recently, a section of the obscenity
statute of Alabama (Ala. Code. _  13A-12-200.1) now "makes it unlawful to
produce, distribute or otherwise sell sexual devices that are marketed
primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs." Alabama puts forth
that these products are obscene, and also states that there is "no
fundamental right to purchase a product to use in pursuit  of having an
orgasm." Violation of the law is punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.
Because this addition intrudes on lawful sexual practices of those
purchasing or owning such devices, thus going against the First, Fourth,
Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution,
four Alabama women and the ACLU are challenging this addition.
    Mind you, it's perfectly legal to buy Viagra in Alabama... and State
Senator Tom Butler, who sponsored this statute, is well aware of this:
pharmaceuticals are near and dear to his heart.  According to his Senatorial
info, his training is as a pharmacist.  So surely he realizes that one of
the things Viagra is famous for is that it helps in the pursuit of MEN
having orgasms. But sex toys, and apparently women's orgasms as well, are
obscene and EEEEEEVIL.
    The upshot is this: first, the ACLU deserves your support.  Second,


Join me, won't you?  Senator Butler clearly hasn't had enough experience
with sex toys to know that while prescriptions often have side effects,
dildos and vibrators are inherently harmless, not particularly obscene, and
moreover, that simply having one in your possession isn't going to turn you
into some sort of sociopath.  I thought it might be helpful to him to have
access to a few, so he can see for himself that they're friendly little
inanimate objects that aren't about to hurt anyone. Here's how you can join
the fun!  Pack up a sex toy you no longer use (all nice and spiffy-clean,
please!) and give a little piece of your love to Sen.  Butler... it's the
perfect chance to unload that buttplug that reminds you too much of your
ex!  (Alternately, you could just write a letter expressing your views, but
I think donating your unused sex toys to a good cause is worth a thousand

Send your goodies to:
   State Senator Tom Butler
   Alabama State Senate
   Statehouse Suite 733
   11 S. Union St.
   Montgomery AL 36130
   (334) 242-7898

Be creative and help the downtrodden, the underprivileged, and the sex-toy
destitute!  Raise trouble and consciousness!  Send the senator a sex toy!

-Hanne, with a large nod of thanks to Heather Corinna, whose words on the
Alabama Dildo Scandal can be found at

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