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8 Mar
Technopagan Blessing for a Leatherman Tool

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Subject: Technopagan Blessing for a Leatherman Tool

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Technopagan Blessing for a Leatherman Tool (or any other Multi-plier)

I call upon the earth, its iron given to forge this Tool,
I call upon the hacker spirit, driving us to explore, understand,
  improve, and create,
I call upon the Goddess, mother of the twins we serve, nature and

Blessed be this Tool,
May it help its owner through difficult situations,
May it provide the abilities that would otherwise be lacking,
May its blades remain sharp, its pliers strong, and its steel
May it serve long years, not failing before its tasks are complete.

Bless that it never be used to wantonly destroy,
May its implements be used as they are able, not forced into roles
  that they cannot fulfill,
May its pliers not pinch living flesh, nor its blades cut it, nor its
  bone saw be applied to it, except in emergency field operations,
May it be used to strive against entropy, to build up more than to
  take apart.

Let us strive to be as this Tool, strong, capable, flexible,
With a wealth of hidden abilities to call upon when needed.

Blessed be this tool,
May it be used in the service of the Goddess.

[anoint Tool with lubricating oil]

[ Technopagan Blessing for a new HeNe Laser by Thomas Edwards used as a guide]

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