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17 Mar
Gay Animals Frolicking . . .

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Subject: Gay Animals Frolicking . . .
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From: David Brake

Animals can be gay!

This may not be a revelation for some of you, I'm sure, but it is for me.
For years I thought that homosexual sex in the animal kingdom was very rare.
Now, it seems, it is everywhere. Salon has just published an amusingly-
written review of a book all about "The Fabulous Kingdom of Gay Animals".
It seems that they are all at it (though mainstream biologists often try to
hide this, apparently).

"A female ape wraps her legs around another female, 'rubbing her own
clitoris against her partner's while emitting screams of enjoyment.' The
researcher explains: It's a form of greeting behavior. Or reconciliation.
Possibly food-exchange behavior. It's certainly not sex. Not lesbian sex.
Not hot lesbian sex..."

And the book, should you want to order it?

"Bruce Bagemihl spent 10 years scouring the biological literature for data
on alternative sexuality in animals to write 'Biological Exuberance: Animal
Homosexuality and Natural Diversity,' 768 pages about exactly what goes on
at "South Park's" Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary."
-- David Brake, Internet Journalist

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