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1 Apr
Top Ten Ways To Tell That Someone Is From Seattle

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Subject: Top Ten Ways To Tell That Someone Is From Seattle
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Number 10:  Knows something about computers but makes excuses for Microsoft
products anyway, and knows at least three Microsoft burnouts, two of whom
are millionaires.

Number 9:  Uses more than 5 words [a unique vocabulary] to order a cup of
coffee.  "I want to order an unleaded, double, short, skinny, wet cappuccino
with a shot of Amaretto please."

Number 8:  'Designer' wardrobe comes from REI, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, and

Number 7:  Considers it a sunny day if the sun is visible at some point of
the day.  On Average, Seattle has fewer than 3 SUNNY days in February.
[But February's a short month, after all... -psl]

Number 6:  Feels guilty throwing an aluminum can in the trash, instead of
a recycle bin.
[And is surprised that something this obvious would appear on a list like
this... -psl]

Number 5:  Stands on a deserted street corner in the rain, waiting for the
light to say walk.  Did you know that Seattle police issue over 2500
citations a year to pedestrians jaywalking in downtown Seattle?  Well,
Seattleites can follow the "Don't Walk" lights to extremes.  Once, while I
was crossing the street, the "Walk" light started flashing "Don't Walk" just
as I reached the middle of the intersection.  Would you believe, the
pedestrian right beside me turned around, and walked back to the corner we
started from!

Number 4:  Have been "snow" skiing in the RAIN more than in the snow.

Number 3:  When discussing rainforests and volcanoes, NOT talking about

Number 2:  Groans when Seattle gets listed as one of the best places to
live.  At all costs, Seattleites do NOT want to encourage ANY MORE people
to move to Seattle.

Number 1:  Takes an umbrella wherever they go!
[BZZZZZZT!  Wrong.  That's the tourist answer.  It should say: "Never takes
 an umbrella anywhere."  What for?  -psl]

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