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14 Apr
Possible release of NT as Open Source.

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Subject: Possible release of NT as Open Source.

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Multiple sources have covered declarations by Steve Ballmer and Brian
Valentine, top executives from Microsoft. One of these articles is at

"Microsoft is a partner in the joint venture that operates MSNBC.
Separately, Brian Valentine, the vice president in charge of completing
Windows 2000, said the company is "seriously considering" publishing the
source programming code of the "NT kernel," the core of the software.


     Mr. Ballmer said corporate customers have told the company "there's
a level of comfort if they have the source code, just in case."


   While a radical step, Microsoft suggested an open-source version of
Windows 2000 fits its philosophy of constant improvement based on customer
suggestions. "We don't have a problem putting the source code out there if
we get some feedback," Mr. Valentine said. "If Linux is popping up,
... we're going to study the heck out of it. If Windows is not
appropriate, we're going to go make Windows appropriate."

Subject: Re: Possible release of NT as Open Source?

If this goes anywhere, look for Microsoft to do to the phrase "publish
source code" what it did to the phrase "comply with standards".

        tq vm, (burley)

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