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27 Apr
The Xaviera Report - 28 April 1999

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Subject: The Xaviera Report - 28 April 1999
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From: xaviera

Aliefka Bijlsma wrote:

Dear xaviera,

 Life is a rollercoaster-ride. It takes you higher and higher, up and up
 into the deep blue skies, your eyes blinded by the brilliance of the sun.
 Your hands in the air, hair blowing out of your face, climbing towards
 freedom. And then the peak..a glorious still moment of peace. But not for
 long, before you even have time to catch your breath you head down like a
 thunderbolt. Crashing into depth with a frantic speed, faster and faster.
 Noise, blurred colours, yells and screams. You want to keep your hands in
 the air yet grope desperately around you in search of something to hold on
 to...the cold iron bars give you no compassion whatsoever. You are alone
 on that ride, alone with your fears and the turmoil, alone with the nausea
 and the pounding of you heart, the loss of control. Round and round you
 swirl, upside down and inside out until the ride slows down rises more
 slowly goes down again in a more freindely way and eventually comes to a
 full stop.

 That's what I thought when you sent me your heart tearing e-mails.
 Dear Xie, do take care of yourself. You're doing a wonderful job with the
 people that need your care. Don't forget that there is an iron bar to hold
 on to... you really don't need to keep those hands up in the air!

 - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 Aliefka, that was lovely... thanks for your very special and supportive
words.  Meanwhile a  note to all my friends all over the world and specially
those living closest to Amsterdam

Hi there,    ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE ... Shakespeare must have been looking
in on my house, so you come too, you'll be in good company.  Seriously, look
in on my site for the details of the top class English theatre
which I am presenting in May. Come and see virtuoso performances by Guy
Masterson, Richard Burton's nephew, star turns at last year's Edinburgh
Festival.  But if your preference is for home grown Dutch produce, Henk van
Ulsen will be doing his stuff in my own house.

Mind you, my own life is a succession of theatrical events.  Those of you
who know how weak my mom has become will be as delighted as me if my pals,
Dia and Romke are able to hump her wheelchair over the debris in front of
my house (they say that it is road repair work but I suspect that they are
trying to outdo the Channel Tunnel and reach Australia) on May 5th for her
birthday. It will only be her 85th!

For a while it looked as if she is going to outlive James who plays the role
of my butler in the Xaviera soap. Booze and heavy smoking are not great aids
for health: he went down with double pneumonia and pleurisy but again those
good friends of mine rallied round and together we pulled him back from a
near death experience. He still looks like a ghost but as soon as he is
sufficiently recovered, I shall have him flown out to Marbella where he will
benefit from sunshine and the attention of John Drummond. We shall miss him
here, but for him it's a case of----- less pain, in Spain.

Finally, a more cheerful note. The other night my scooter was stolen from
across the road where I had left it. So that's good news?  Well, I didn't
even bother to report the theft but bought myself a bright, new Yamaha.  I
had just got it home and was still excited--the kid with the new toy
syndrome--when the police phoned to say that they had got back the old one.
I went with one of the boys from the scooter shop to collect it and the guys
from the shop gave me a present of a tiny yellow motor bike which will be
fine for my girlfriend, Dia, when we go for a spin in the sun together.
Strange to wake up without a scooter and by lunchtime have three !  One of
my more sober friends suggests that maybe I must have paid plenty for that
Yamaha.  But do come to see my theatre--and tell all your friends. I need
all the encouragement I can get to bring more great acts to Amsterdam next

See you,

When you visit you will see the invitation to my theater
plays, forget about the rest, specially Genre magazine, it has new articles
and nothing is related to ME in there anymore, that  was the case, though,
a few months ago..

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In America sex is an obsession;
In the rest of the world it's a fact.
                              - Marlene Dietrich

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