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28 Apr
An Entry in the Weirdest Spam Ever Competition...

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Subject: An Entry in the Weirdest Spam Ever Competition...

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This is by far the weirdest spam I've gotten.  The URL is fake (no DNS

What makes this extra funny is that I am straight edge (though I don't
listen that awful music) and I've never been high or drunk in my entire

[Dave's not here! -psl]

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You have received this mailing as part of being a connaiseur of fine
hemp products at your local street corner.


Dear Pot Smoker,

We haven't heard from you in a while and want to keep you as a customer.
Therefore, to keep receiving our news and offers, we're offering a special
just for YOU!  Our biggest selling product, the SuperBong with AquaVelva(TM)
Filtration System, is now available.  And, if you buy now, you can get a
second SuperBong for HALF PRICE!

Just click here to bong- I mean, buy!:


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